A. Focus: younger enterprises (within 5 years of start-up)


Whether or not your firm is a good candidate for success in China. Includes a questionnaire and conversations with CV professionals in USA and China.  

Pre-entry assessment: 90 days--Deliverable, report covering following topics:

  • Market size
  • Demand and market trends (interaction with potential customers)
  • Competitive evaluation of company’s products/services
  • Key competition
  • IP considerations

Includes market analysis by a team of Chinese speaking MBA candidates from Purdue University.  

Entry Preparation
Develop specific entry strategies and begin to implement them, including legal and financial planning, identification of potential partners/funders, etc. Ideally, at the end of this phase the company will be prepared to embark on its strategic entry plan.

Entry launch

  • Open company office in China (at discounted lease rates and support services at CV partners’ offices and selected science parks)
  • Help recruit initial staff
  • Fulfill legal requirements on IP, taxation, etc.
  • Begin marketing/sales/joint development/R&D, etc., according to entry strategy
  • Fund raising continues as needed 

Access to capital
There is growing interest among Chinese investors to invest in foreign high potential technology firms, with or without a China strategy. CV and our China partners have access to some of these investors and can connect them with selected foreign firms.

B. Focus: more mature firms

In addition to Service A, CV offers a sales incubation model for firms already successful in their domestic markets but have not yet exported to China. Compared to establishing your own China sales office or relying on local distributors that are difficult to monitor, this model represents a low cost/low risk strategy to test the China market, generate sales, and learn how to succeed in a huge but competitive market. When sales warrant, we can assist the your company look at growth options.  

China Entry Service for U.S. or other non-Chinese firms