Building a winning U.S. strategy for Chinese or other Non-US firms

For qualified foreign firms, the U.S. market offers huge rewards but also large risks. CV helps you navigate this challenging environment, creating the right strategy and the means to follow it to success.    
Our compensation for these services depends primarily on success fees, rather than all on consulting fees. Ultimately, CV only succeeds if our clients succeed.

Below is a typical process we recommend for U.S. success. Each engagement is customized to the client’s priorities. 

1.  Assess how best to benefit from connections with U.S.A. Options to consider:

  • Find new technology to build your product competitiveness

  • Find researchers to help achieve your R&D goals

  • Find M&A targets, investments, joint ventures or other strategic partners to jumpstart your U.S. sales.

  • Determine if your products would be competitive in the U.S. market and how best to enter and expand

2.   Strategy development and implementation
      Pre-entry assessment
      What is the potential market and how can your products compete most effectively? This phase will involve research conducted           primarily by CV and a team of Purdue University MBA candidates, conversations with company leadership, contact with U.S.             industry/sector experts, distributors, potential customers, regulators, government officials, etc.  

      Strategy Preparation (a well-supported strategy and implementation plan)

  • Additional market and customer validation

  • Meetings with potential partners, service providers, regulators, officials, university researchers, science park officials, industry experts, potential senior staff, etc.  

  • Arrangement of a U.S. trip by company leadership

  • Frequent communication between CV team and company leadership

  • Participation in trade shows or other events relevant to the company’s goals

     Entry launch and implementation 

  • Open initial company office (at discounted lease rates and support services at industry or science park)

  • Recruit initial staff, including U.S. senior manager, sales and marketing manager, as appropriate

  • Company registration and incorporation

  • Fulfill legal requirements on IP, taxation, etc.

  • Begin marketing/sales/joint development/R&D, etc., according to entry strategy